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School of Engineering MEng students visit to Schmalkalden Hochschule, Germany

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Students from the University of Lincoln’s School of Engineering visited Schmalkalden Hochshule University of Applied Sciences in Germany during April 2018.

As part of Lincoln’s mechanical engineering MEng project group, Prof Annett Dorner-Reisel hosted students Rebecca Butterfield, Natalie Czarnocki, Divarshan Sivakumar, and Mathew Warnes. They gave a presentation of the results of their MEng project work entitled “Analysis of incorporating nanofibres into synthetic bone material”.

This project is being undertaken alongside work by Prof Dorner-Reisel and her group on 3D printing and characterisation of bone scaffolds. It is anticipated that the work by the University of Lincoln students will assist in the population of the scaffold with stem cells that will ultimately integrate the scaffold into the bones of the patient. Working with Dr. Nick Tucker, students have produced CAD designed moulded scaffolds with intrinsic electrospun nanofibres.

As well as trying to increasing the strength of the scaffolds the nanofibres provide site for the growth of stem cells that will ultimately form bone generating osteoblast cells. As part of a collaboration with the University of Lincoln’s School of Pharmacy, cell growth experiments are being carried out with Pharmacy’s Dr Lorna Lancaster and Dr Emma Wright. The project group will also meet with Prof Dorner-Reisel’s research group and senior academics from the Hochschule.

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