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Mathematics Awards Day

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On 24 May 2018 Maths Awards Day took place in Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa. On arrival staff and students had tea and coffee, took a tour of the magnificent park premises, and enjoyed the lunch with sparkling wine. The ceremonies began with the students Maths and Physics Society awards, followed by thanks and flowers to admin staff. Prizes and commendations to Y1 and Y2 students for best academic achievements were supplemented with Amazon vouchers. (Prizes for Y3 students are postponed until the graduation in September.) Awards for the best maths lecturers in each year, as voted by the students, were presented by the School student reps.

Boole Prizes-2018 were awarded to Megan Goforth for the best performance in Year 1, and to Jordan O’Connor for the best performance in Year 2.

Commendations for outstanding results in pure maths were awarded to Mateusz Baran and Angelo Iuliano in Year 1, and to Fred Hine and Edward Mason in Year 2.

Commendations for outstanding results in applied maths were awarded to Daniel Hubbel and Benjamin McCarter in Year 1, and to Benjamin Kendrick and Sophie Marshall-Unitt in Year 2.

Commendation for outstanding results in maths and computer sciencewas  awarded to Julius Schaebitz in Year 1.

The Awards for Best Maths Lecturers, as voted by the students, were awarded to Dr Martin Greenall in Y1, Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram in Y2, and to Dr Simon Smith in Y3.

The celebration continued with the group photo, walks, socializing and relaxation in the park. The place is of great historic interest, served as home of the famous 617 “Dambusters” Squadron during WWII. (As one of the lecturer’s noted, the motion of the bouncing bomb could be a topic for a nice mathematics or physics projects.)

Megan Goforth, Boole Prize 2018 in Y1


Jordan O’Connor, Boole prize 2018 in Y2


Fred Hine, Commendation for Pure Maths 2018 in Y2


Benjamin Kendrick, Commendation for Applied Maths 2018 in Y2


Martin Greenall, best lecturer in Y1

Anitha Tillaisundaram, best lecturer in Y2

Simon Smith, best lecturer in Y3

Katie Robinson, Evgeny Khukhro, Debra Brown

Andy Short, Maths and Physics Society member of the year 2017/18

Anitha Thillaisundaram, Maths and Physics Society champion

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