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Prof Edward Hanna Delivers Research Findings on Arctic Weather and Greenland Ice Sheet

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Professor of Climate Science and Meteorology, Edward Hanna– School of Geography, was invited to the Nansen Center in Bergen, Norway during 28th – 31st August  2018.

During his visit, Prof Hanna gave collaborative talks with research scientists and was also invited to deliver two guest lectures, titled ‘Arctic Amplification of Mid-Latitude Weather’ and ‘Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Climate’.

Prof. Sebastian Mernild (Nansen Center Director), Prof. Edward Hanna (University of Lincoln) and Dr. Linling Chen (Nansen Center).

The Nansen Center is an independent, non-profit research foundation conducting basic and applied environmental and climate research.

The talks were well received; the visit was highly productive and resulted in new links being made with several researchers as well as consolidating existing links on Arctic glaciology / Greenland Ice Sheet and climate change matters.

As part of his ongoing research, Prof Hanna also presented the results from his Greenland Ice Sheet / climate research at the International Glaciological Society’s annual British Branch Meeting in Exeter (4th September 2018).

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