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MPharm Student Completes over 30 Hours of Voluntary Work

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Student at the School of Pharmacy, Saffah Danial, has so far completed over 30 hours of volunteer work for various causes.

Read on to find out about her experiences of both her voluntary work and also her study at the University of Lincoln.

During my first year at the University of Lincoln, I completed over 30 hours of volunteering. I initially decided to volunteer to achieve my Lincoln Award, however, as I began to enjoy the various volunteering opportunities Lincoln had to offer, including riverbank cleaning, a plethora of SU roles and many more, I began to view volunteering as more of an extra-curricular and character-developing hobby.

One of the many perks of volunteering is the social aspect. After engaging in a variety of volunteering opportunities (available for students on the University of Lincoln’s SU website), I was fortunate enough to meet many intriguing individuals, whom I have had the privilege to volunteer alongside and befriend.

Voluntary roles available within the SU encourage students to develop professionally and understand how to interact on a professional level, whilst building confidence and teamworking skills.

Saffah volunteered at Oxfam.

To be able to participate in so many different activities, whilst helping others and personally gaining, is so invaluable at such a crucial stage of professional development. Conversely, volunteering has been a very therapeutic and relaxing activity, giving me time to mingle and take my mind off of my studies in a healthy and productive manner.

I would definitely recommend volunteering on a regular basis as it can be really exciting to meet new people and take on challenging roles, but also because such activities can teach you so much and enhance intellectual stimulation overall.

Studying the MPharm Pharmacy at the University of Lincoln has been an adventure from the day I enrolled. Having the chance to attend Community and Hospital placements so soon in the semester really allowed me to build my confidence and enabled me to understand how to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life pharmacy. The LinCaPP scheme, a points scheme which forms a core module within the MPharm programme and helps to develop professionalism, is a unique and rare opportunity that shapes an individual’s professional development from all angles to meet required criteria. This scheme has motivated me to further myself and be prepared in how to interact with my colleagues and peers on a day-to-day basis.

My experience at the University of Lincoln has so far been adventurous and enthralling and the amount of support from the staff and SU has been phenomenal!

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