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New Weather Station Forecasts Opportunities for Research and Learning at Lincoln

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An automatic weather station (AWS) has been installed at the University of Lincoln and will log meteorological data to be used for teaching and research purposes.

Set up by the School of Geography and the Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health, the Davis Vantage Pro 2 model will log parameters such as air temperature, wind speed and solar radiation.

The School plans to use the recorded data in a variety of student projects, as well as micrometeorology/climate change research. Example studies could include the urban heat island effect in and around Lincoln, and short-term meteorological variations linked to extreme weather events. There are also plans to submit monthly summaries of weather data to the Climatological Observers Link national network.

School researchers standing next to the newly-installed weather station.

According to Professor Edward Hanna, “…a distinct advantage of the Davis AWS model is that you can interface with other Davis weather station data, via a Google Earth-type interface to study spatial variations in weather patterns in near-real time.”

Meteorological data began logging on 21st December 2018 and will be archived in perpetuity and is freely available to anyone at the University of Lincoln.

If you are interested in accessing archived data, please contact Prof Edward Hanna: or Dr Joe Harwood:, stating the time period and parameters you are interested in along with a brief purpose of intended use.

You can see the latest readings from Lincoln’s AWS online.

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