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Seminar Series for Rural Visions Research Group

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The School of Geography’s Rural Visions research group is a collaborative assembly of researchers from all four colleges at the University of Lincoln.

The group embraces an eclectic mix of rural research topics, including economic and community development, rural poverty, landscape histories and the impacts of technology for rural places.

Deputy Head of the School, Dr Gary Bosworth, has organised a series of upcoming seminars and researchers from across the university to are all welcome to show case their work at an event of their choice.

Seminar dates and locations:

How does our rural research contribute to the University’s “Civic Mission”?

21st February, 1 pm (DCB2103)

This will be a chance to discuss the School’s research in terms of its wider societal importance. If anyone has a rural impact case study under development or is working with rural research users, this is a chance to present your work to the group and build your networks. This is intended as a precursor to a Rural stakeholder event later in the year. 

Do we adapt our research methods for rural contexts?

4th April, 1 pm (MB2205)

With smaller and sparser populations, and with different interpretations of the meaning of rurality, does rural research need to be framed or conducted differently?  Please offer any examples that you think demonstrate the need for (or not) any distinctive approaches. We are working on a book proposal and will be putting out a call for chapters connected to this session.

What are the most pressing challenges for rural researchers and where can we go for the funding to tackle these?

16th May, 1 pm (MB2205)

At this event, the research office will provide some tips about the funders that are most supportive of rural projects and how best to present the case for rural research in any proposals.


Booking isn’t essential, however, if you would like to take part please email Dr Gary Bosworth with a precis of what you would like to discuss and this will be added to the agenda. 

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