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Technicians Make it Happen at the University of Lincoln

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Technicians can be found in most educational institutions and University Technicians provide complex and varied technical support. They assist with research-led experiments, set up equipment in laboratories for student lab sessions and also perform maintenance of instrumentation and lab environments.

Due to the ‘behind the scenes’ nature of the role, the importance of the work undertaken can sometimes be underestimated. To combat this the Technician Commitment is an initiative led by a steering group of sector bodies with support from the Science Council and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Technicians Make it Happen campaign.

The University of Lincoln, UK, became a signatory of this plan in 2017 in support of the key areas of the Commitment: visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians in higher education and research, across all disciplines alongside the fifth key theme being to evaluate action moving forward.

Technician within the College of Science, Laura Taylor, is a keen supporter and said: “I wanted to get involved to help make technicians become more visible across the University and to demonstrate all of the things we do.

Laura Taylor

I’m a graduate intern technician, which I felt made it all the more important for me to help raise awareness. There can be a common misconception of someone being ‘just an intern’ or ‘just a technician’. It’s important to know this perception isn’t accurate and can be detrimental to the work we do. We would love it if technicians from across the University of Lincoln were to get involved in helping to raise awareness by engaging with our social media accounts and sharing photos or talking about their roles.”

If you are a technician within the university and would like to find out more about upcoming events or news, visit the Lincoln Technician Commitment site, or tweet/tag your photos to @tech_linc on Twitter and Instagram.






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